Another Life

Pigtown, Baltimore     photo by  Jeanne Kemp

Pigtown, Baltimore     photo by Jeanne Kemp

I am so thrilled to announce the release of my latest album of original roots songs and tunes called Another Life. It’s been months of hard work with a finished product I am so excited to share with you all. My last solo release was in 1994, many lives ago. This project was born out of many changes just in the last year, so it is super special.

The recording features heart songs and songs about Baltimore. Dogwood waltzes, cinematic melodica drones, finger style guitar two beats, reminiscent parlor piano, junkyard percussion, banjo and other spare parts and pieces are included. The heart songs are about lovers of the patient, hopeful, reminiscent and forsaken variety. The Baltimore songs are about race trackers, an organ player, an astronomer, a sailor, a stonecutter and an aunt with a blue car. There is a story about the making of Another Life here.


This is a painting that inspired the song,  Lillian and the Blue Car . Duel, Eckley Park, oil on panel © 1997-2016  Ann Phelan

This is a painting that inspired the song, Lillian and the Blue Car. Duel, Eckley Park, oil on panel © 1997-2016 Ann Phelan


Billy recording Chesapeake Narrows.

This is a pic my engineer, Kenny Raduazzo took. It was taken on the last day of tracking the songs at Artland Studio in Nashville. I'm playing my 1930 Martin 2-17 guitar.


Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore, Maryland 

The second song on the record is called, Kings of the Grandstand. My Dad would take me and my brother to the race track when we were growing up and I loved the sounds, the colors and the horses.  


Billy recording Benjamin Banneker.

This pic is in the control room where I am playing a really cool old  nylon string banjo named Mildred the Mystic. She was made in the mid to late 1890s by Lyon and Healy.