Quotes about Billy


"About Billy Kemp, I think he his quite good. He reminds me of some Austin type songwriters; also a cross between Leroy Preston and Loudon Wainwright both excellent writers. He's better than 90% of the music I receive." - Roseanne Cash


"Literate songs in a country blues manner. A collection of down-to-earth tales punctuated by vivid lyrics and crisp guitar work." - Dirty Linen


"Billy Kemp, a gifted multi-instrumentalist with an impressive list of studio and road credentials frames these songs with austere and subtle acoustic arrangements built on various combinations of guitar, banjo, bass, mandolin and harmonica."  Bob Allen, Bluegrass Unlimited, USA


"Billy Kemp plays originals with roots in rock and country. If his material recalls all-American artists from Buddy Holly to Bob Seger, what puts it over is the conviction and passion of Kemp's delivery." Joe Sasfy, Washington Post, USA


"Billy Kemp, a Baltimore native who has the lanky energetic presence of a latter-day Buddy Holly delivers an impressive set of all-original roots-rock containing echos of Bruce Springsteen and John Cougar." Bob Allen, Baltimore Sun, USA


"Billy Kemp doesn't overplay but makes every note count. His ability to fill holes and use a chord to its utmost effect is what perks up the ears. If you're a fan of Robbie Robertson or Amos Garrett you'll love his touch." Peter North, The Sun, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


"These days Kemp no longer just teeters back and forth between rock and country between blues and folk, but has come up with his own blend that leaves a mark all its own. He mixes a nimble playing style with a knack for turning a phrase over and over again." Charles Cohen, Baltimore City Paper, USA

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